TCS IT Wiz Pune 2011

The questions are posted in the PDF.

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Sentimental Words

Wow. 2 Hours after the quiz is over, I’m still unable to contain that this was the last TCS IT Wiz I am ever going to give. According to Pickbrain, Today, I made a National Record. I am the only person in the country to qualify in the top 6 of this quiz for all 5 years. (Standing 4, 2, 2, 1 & 3rd respectively). Well, as luck sometimes plays its part, I came third. But I don’t seem to have any regrets as I got to compete with 2 superb teams on the stage and I had a lot of fun. I would like to thank my partners in achievement Priyam and Amol with whom I have enjoyed this and several other quizzing events! It was a pleasure!

Annoying questions!

I love answering questions. Especially about computers since I know a bit more than the average joe. But there are some questions that are just plain irritating.

To illustrate this, I’ll give you an example of what happenned in today’s computer software practicals.

Currently in CS, we are learning Object Oriented Programming in C++ . Before 12th Standard, I didn’t know what OOP was, but thanks to “C++ Primer Plus”, I was able to reasonably master the basics of it in about 2 hrs. So basically what the teacher teaches us is pretty much repetition for me and hence instead I just write the program she’s given to the class and try to finish the practicals as early as possible. So today I was doing the same thing and we were given a program to write a “Class” about ratios and take reciprocals, convert into floating point yadda yadda. Pretty simple.

So here I am writing the program in my notebook and I find that I don’t know how *exactly* (double)int format of change of data type works. So I just write a small program on the computer to confirm what to write, and a “Classmate” sitting next to me asks (He isn’t writing anything himself):

Classmate : What are you writing?

Me : Small program to test something. Not what teacher is teaching.

Classmate : Why?

Me : To test data type conversion.

Classmate : Why?

Me : Because I don’t know it exactly.

Classmate : What?

Me : *Really irritated now* Data Type conversion.

Classmate : Why are you not explaining it to me properly?

Me : WTF dude! Go ask the teacher!

Now that I’ve confirmed what I wanted to, I completed the program writing in my notebook and started writing the full program (The “Real” program) on the computer to execute it, show it to the teacher and go home. I’m writing the program and the same classmate asks :

Classmate (Pointing at a line where something “cout << ….” is written) : Why have you written this line?

Me : To give output, to print.

Classmate : Why haven’t you used “cin” (Input syntax in C++)?

Me : Because that is for input.

Classmate : Then why didn’t you take input?

Me : I don’t have to take input in program right now. I’ve taken it before.

Classmate (Points to the (double)int thingy I verified earlier) : Why have you done this?

Me (The teacher is yet to explain it to the class) : Teacher will tell you soon, it is lengthy and I can’t explain properly.

Classmate : Arey why aren’t you telling me asnwers properly??

Me : Dude WTF!! I’ve told you so many answers, but some answers let teacher explain! I can’t explain them!

Classmate : Why?

I stopped answering after this point.

How to install iOS 5 Beta 1 on your iPod Touch, iPad without a developer account!

Note : Works even on iPhone 4 and 3GS. (Main Difference from Usual guide is in step 10 )

Disclaimer : I mean no harm to Apple Inc. and I’m doing it just as a hobby. This exploit has been derived (A little modification) from original exploit by Mert Erdir

disclaimer 2 : I claim no responsibility for any damage that occurs to your iDevice. This has been tested by me on an iPod Touch 3rd Gen.

Disclaimer 3 : You can only use iOS 5 without syncing it with iTunes. This exploit is still recognised by iTunes and it won’t let you sync it with iTunes.

Disclaimer 4 : If you like this guide, please consider activating my UDID for free since I don’t have a paypal account.

Well, whenever you search for how to install iOS 5, you only get search results for the iPhone 4 hack, which unsurprisingly doesn’t work on any iPod Touch. That’s because it uses the emergency call function, which is not present on any iPod Touh (3G or 4G).

So here I present to you a method to install iOS 5 Beta 1 (ONLY Beta 1) on your iPod Touch (3rd and 4th Gen)

Step 1. Download iTunes 10.5 here. (Direct Link) or here (torrent)

Step 2. Download iOS 5 (IPSW) for your device from here (Direct Links)

Step 3. Now install iTunes 10.5 .

Step 4. Connect your iPod Touch to the computer and let it backup.

Step 5. Now go to your iPod > Settings. There while pressing the shift key (On windows) and the Option key (on Mac) press restore.

Step 6. Select the iOS 5 ipsw for your iPod (or iPhone or iPad) and click select.

Step 7. Let iTunes update your iPod touch.

Step 8. Once it is updated just follow the on screen instructions until you reach the point where it tells you that activation failed.

Step 9. Now triple click the home button to activate voice over (If you are using an iPod Touch 3rd Gen, you might want to have the headphones plugged in).

Step 10. Now touch the clock on top and it will tell you the time.

Step 11. Now place 3 fingers on top of the screen and drag them down (you’ll find videos of that on you tube). This will open the notification center, where the stocks app and weather app will be open. double touch on any of those and it will open the respective app.

Step 12. Now press the home button and you will have landed on the iOS springboard 🙂

Enjoy the wonderful (albeit a little buggy) iOS 5 Beta 1 !

So what had I been upto?

It’s quite a feeling writing after so long. So, from TCS IT Wiz, what I have/had been doing is something quite interesting.

Initially I gave the Informatics Olympiad (Got selected up to INOI), but couldn’t get through to the camp in Bangalore, something which I was really looking forward to and also preparing for. Unfortunately, in INOI, of the 2 questions, got an algorithm wrong on one question and thinking that I was perfecting the other algorithm, gave very little time to the 1st problem, and ended up making a bad mistake in the program. Although, I was aware of what mistakes I had done, I was still hoping by some miracle I could get into the camp.But as fate would have it, it was not to be that year.

Well, after that most of the time has been uneventful. One of the few things that have changed is that I now go to the gym everyday (Except Sundays)!

This month I gave the SAT for the first time, and frankly speaking it was without too much preparation. Results will be out on the 26th (The same day as IIT-JEE and AISSE2011), and I’m hoping it’s in the 2000-2200 range.

And yeah, I’ve overcome the love of Linux, since my laptop has a Wireless Adapter that has *Pathetic* Linux drivers. Currently Windows 7 Starter Edition (100% Genuine Windows ) .