A piece of advice from a not so experienced person

The past few months I’ve spent applying to universities in the USA. Not many, but a few that will or have already given me scholarships. But I’ve come out of it (not that it’s over yet) a bit wiser. Here’s what I have to say to everyone in 12th standard (Or 11th for that matter).

No matter what you plan to do after 12th – IITJEE, AIEEE, CET, NATA, NID or the other numerous entrance exams – you should apply to at least one university in the USA. MIT.

Why you ask? The essays.


The essays – especially the MIT ones – ask you questions about yourself that make you think about your qualities, strengths, weaknesses, bad times, good times, your background, interests, hobbies, achievements, and a host of other interesting questions, all taken in perspective. At the end of it all you end up having made a thorough evaluation of your life until then. That is something quite illuminating – or at least it was for me – and made taking decisions a fair bit easier.

Whether you get in or not is not the question here. MIT is – as an accepted fact – very difficult and unpredictable to get in. It’s something like a raffle. But with a guaranteed benefit – A better insight into your life until now and what you can do to improve upon it. That I staunchly believe is a very valuable piece of info at this turning point in life.


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