TCS IT Wiz Pune 2011

The questions are posted in the PDF.

The PDF can be downloaded here


8 thoughts on “TCS IT Wiz Pune 2011

  1. Hi I am Gurtej Pal Singh, I reached the finals this time with my partner Shreyam Samantha , though we could only score a great zero, but its was much better than negative marking, i just studied for one day and we scored 16-17 something, my 2nd, 3rd, 20th were wrong….. thanks Tejas for posting so quickly………….

      1. thats y u came first n i came 5th…Are u on fb??well btw meet u next year…will b more prepared next yr…

  2. Hello everyone I am Akshay Goel form St. Vincent’s School.We reached the finals & were 5th.The experience we got in tcsitwiz was awesome.Thankz tejas Despande for sharing the preliam questions on ivittal…..

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