Annoying questions!

I love answering questions. Especially about computers since I know a bit more than the average joe. But there are some questions that are just plain irritating.

To illustrate this, I’ll give you an example of what happenned in today’s computer software practicals.

Currently in CS, we are learning Object Oriented Programming in C++ . Before 12th Standard, I didn’t know what OOP was, but thanks to “C++ Primer Plus”, I was able to reasonably master the basics of it in about 2 hrs. So basically what the teacher teaches us is pretty much repetition for me and hence instead I just write the program she’s given to the class and try to finish the practicals as early as possible. So today I was doing the same thing and we were given a program to write a “Class” about ratios and take reciprocals, convert into floating point yadda yadda. Pretty simple.

So here I am writing the program in my notebook and I find that I don’t know how *exactly* (double)int format of change of data type works. So I just write a small program on the computer to confirm what to write, and a “Classmate” sitting next to me asks (He isn’t writing anything himself):

Classmate : What are you writing?

Me : Small program to test something. Not what teacher is teaching.

Classmate : Why?

Me : To test data type conversion.

Classmate : Why?

Me : Because I don’t know it exactly.

Classmate : What?

Me : *Really irritated now* Data Type conversion.

Classmate : Why are you not explaining it to me properly?

Me : WTF dude! Go ask the teacher!

Now that I’ve confirmed what I wanted to, I completed the program writing in my notebook and started writing the full program (The “Real” program) on the computer to execute it, show it to the teacher and go home. I’m writing the program and the same classmate asks :

Classmate (Pointing at a line where something “cout << ….” is written) : Why have you written this line?

Me : To give output, to print.

Classmate : Why haven’t you used “cin” (Input syntax in C++)?

Me : Because that is for input.

Classmate : Then why didn’t you take input?

Me : I don’t have to take input in program right now. I’ve taken it before.

Classmate (Points to the (double)int thingy I verified earlier) : Why have you done this?

Me (The teacher is yet to explain it to the class) : Teacher will tell you soon, it is lengthy and I can’t explain properly.

Classmate : Arey why aren’t you telling me asnwers properly??

Me : Dude WTF!! I’ve told you so many answers, but some answers let teacher explain! I can’t explain them!

Classmate : Why?

I stopped answering after this point.


2 thoughts on “Annoying questions!

  1. Yeah have been a victim of something like this a lot of times in my IP( VB turned to Java class)
    Really annoying especially when you know the other person isn’t going to get a thing you try to say!

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