So what had I been upto?

It’s quite a feeling writing after so long. So, from TCS IT Wiz, what I have/had been doing is something quite interesting.

Initially I gave the Informatics Olympiad (Got selected up to INOI), but couldn’t get through to the camp in Bangalore, something which I was really looking forward to and also preparing for. Unfortunately, in INOI, of the 2 questions, got an algorithm wrong on one question and thinking that I was perfecting the other algorithm, gave very little time to the 1st problem, and ended up making a bad mistake in the program. Although, I was aware of what mistakes I had done, I was still hoping by some miracle I could get into the camp.But as fate would have it, it was not to be that year.

Well, after that most of the time has been uneventful. One of the few things that have changed is that I now go to the gym everyday (Except Sundays)!

This month I gave the SAT for the first time, and frankly speaking it was without too much preparation. Results will be out on the 26th (The same day as IIT-JEE and AISSE2011), and I’m hoping it’s in the 2000-2200 range.

And yeah, I’ve overcome the love of Linux, since my laptop has a Wireless Adapter that has *Pathetic* Linux drivers. Currently Windows 7 Starter Edition (100% Genuine Windows ) .


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