How it feels to be a slacker………temporarily

Life is full of new experiences. Currently I am facing one.

For the past 10 years, I’ve fit well into the Indian education system. Usually in the top 10 of the class, I was led to believe that I was very smart. Usually, I used to cover the entire syllabus within a short time frame and score good marks in the exams. It was a routine and eventually I ended up getting good marks in the 10th STD board exams (91.8% to be precise). The result of this ability to make do with minimum work put me in a fix. I became lazy. Very Lazy.

Fast forward 2 months of a fantastic vacation (which I still haven’t written about), I began studying. Well at least technically. The workload here was big. Manageable but big. And due to my laziness, I didn’t feel like working hard. I never have managed to put in even 8 hours study in a day during the last 3 months. Fast Forward to August, College now was also a part of my daily (4 days a week for practicals)  routine. I was still lazy. Fast Forward to last week. College exams started. Not having attended any lectures (convincing myself that I will do it independently at home), I wasn’t really prepared. So well, I screwed up. Not Big time, but big enough to get my alarm bell ringing. So for now I was a slacker, albeit for a short while. And I’m not really proud of it.

Well let me get to telling you how it feels to be a slacker. You know it feels surprisingly light. You have reached your lowest in terms of academics (and health if I may add) and the only thing that can happen is good! And there’s always that will to get back up and moving. You may feel down in the dumps for a while, but not for too long. You feel you can do better than this. Much better than this.

That’s how it feels to be a slacker. Temporarily.


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