10 Things to do once you have installed Ubuntu to make it perfectly usable

1. Install Macubuntu : Its. Beautiful. Period.


2. Install the c++ compiler : The command goes

sudo apt-get install build-essential

3. Install Chromium. Well it’s not yet bundled with the desktop edition. But its a great browser. Much better than firefox 3.6 (But firefox 4 is also good).

4. Sometimes you don’t always want to print a file on hard paper, but want to conserve it as it looks on the webpage. Introducing PDF printing on linux.


5. Well perhaps the most basic thing – Install flash. Preferably from adobe. It’s easier.


6. Download VLC player. You are familiar with it on windows and it still is really good on ubuntu as well!

You’ll find it in the Ubuntu Software section.

7. Well I program for programming contests and sometimes I find that code that works on my windows machine doesn’t necessarily run on the contest servers. Well, that was the primary reason of me shifting to Linux (and ubuntu) in the first place. So for programming you need a decent IDE. I use code-blocks. You may get whichever suits you.

Found in the Ubuntu software center.

8. Install your graphic card drivers. It improves visual effects of ubuntu drastically.

Apple Icon (if you have installed Macubuntu else directly system in task bar) > System > Administration > Additional Drivers

9. Register on Adobe.com for Adobe buzzword. Well its the best cloud based word processor, excellent printing support and looks really cool! This is not a ubuntu specific step, but I find that this is the best option for a word processor on linux. Well of course, WINE (For emulating windows programs ob linux) offers excellent support for Office 2007, but I prefer buzzword. Personally I don’t like Open Office that’s why I suggested this.

Another option is the Online version of Office  2010

Microsoft Web Apps – http://goo.gl/OU6t

Adobe Buzzword – http://is.gd/gcgpu

10. Setup Evolution mail, Empathy Chat and Gwibber (All 3 are installed by default you just need to enter account details). One thing I really loved about ubuntu is that facebook chat is integrated into the system. It’s much better than the buggy in browser chat.

And voila, you’ll find yourself logging into ubuntu more often than on your windows installation. You can do everything you did on your windows machine and more! (Except play Crysis of course).

If you think something is missing in this list, please leave a comment 🙂


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