Notion Ink : Adam

Well, let me first give you some background on this post. Basically what’s been going on in my head for a few days.

We all love the iPhone, the iPad, the DROID, the HTC Mozart (Windows Phone 7, well at least I love it đŸ˜€ ). But something characteristic about it is that they are extremely overpriced (at least from my point of view) and the companies have quite a huge margin on these products (Read the latest Apple  Earnings here and you’ll know what I mean).

So what I thought is that all of these are innovated on, researched on and designed by people who live in first world countries (I probably invented a new word here, but i think you know what I mean), and it’s expensive. So I thought, why not do it here, in India, where people don’t need to be paid in $$ . Heck, everything in India is 5 times cheaper (it’s an approximation and does not include electronic gadgets, etc. which are pure $ – Rupee conversions). We would just have to drop the margins a bit, but we’d probably still make more money.

Moreover, I always think, India is developing, everybody has computers (atleast in cities), huge flat screen TV’s, iPods, blah, blah…. but who makes it? Where is that money going?? Some of it to factory owners in China and most of it to big non-Indian corporations. Well, we have talent, we have technology – some of the most premium brains of the country are churned out through IIT’s & NIT’s every year. Why can’t we make it?

Well, unfortunately, I haven’t got the answer. But I did get a glimpse of hope.

Presenting : Adam.

Indian company. Indian brains. A World Class product (It does look so on its website and in some videos).

Well let me brief you about it and if you feel your curiosity has been piqued then you can read further on the website below.

It’s an Android based tablet, along with a few of its own innovations like novel ways multi-tasking and a promising app store aptly titled “Genesis”. The thing that might catch your attention is that it runs flash. Completely hardware accelerated. It has an aesthetic design, and a capacitive touchscreen which works really well (Multi-touch is taken for granted). Also it comes in two display options. Pixel-Qi and regular LCD. What’s beautiful about Pixel-Qi is that it’s E-Ink, but with colour (No spell check, not color). So its better than a Kindle and iPad combined.

Further reading : Notion Ink, Notion Ink Blog.

And I believe that it will give Steve Jobs some sleepless nights. After all his iPad  is on the line.


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