TCS IT Wiz Pune Edition 2010 Prelims

TCS IT Wiz 2010 Pune

Its a PDF file.

1.       The game “Game Room” was created by which major corporation?

2.       After selling Skype, he went on to start Joost with his friend Friis. Now he along with Janus Friis manage some (venture capital i dont remember name) company. Name the person

3.       Identify. Hint : He is BIG in the storage business

4.       It was used since the 18th century to denote happiness in letters. Later in its current state it was created by Scott Fahlmann who was paid just $45 to create it. Identify

5.       Identify. Hint : He has created a very famous programming language

6.       Roy Bostock is the chairman of which major internet corporation? Hint : Internet corporation is what you are looking for.

7.       Papyrus is tablet from which company (accompanied by a picture which helped us crack the question)

8.       The Ergonomic Arc Mouse is being manufatured by which company?

9.       Identify

10.   Some question about Android. (Research the history of the word Android)

11. Inspired by ALOHAnet which was studied by Robert Metcalfe for his PhD thesis.

Post Answers in the comments. I will give them later.


One thought on “TCS IT Wiz Pune Edition 2010 Prelims

  1. most of the questions are the same from the chennai prelims…
    and some are from hyd rounds…
    and i thought pickbrain told that he wont repeat questions this year.

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