The first 3 days of college

Thanks to the Best 5 policy of the Govt. of Maharashtra, College admissions were delayed by about 2 months. College which should have started Mid June, actually started end of August.

Moreover, the Best 5 policy inflated marks so much, and being from CBSE (which inherently has only 5 subjects – and I don’t complain about it J ) It did not really benefit me in anyway (nor did it really benefit ICSE really I believe). So I was stuck with 91.8% (A year back that would have been stellar) with no up-markings because of sports, cultural activities etc. And my criteria for choosing my college was timings (I couldn’t have practical in the morning, and I anyway was not/am not going to attend lectures) and perhaps a little more importantly – subjects! I wanted computer science – primarily because I am good at it and also it removes the need of an extra language. So at the end of it, I took admission in MMCC MMCS. It’s a pretty good college – small if you compare it to Fergusson et al, but nevertheless convenient. Just 15 minutes cycling from home! Well enough about my decision making process and to my first few days on college!

Well, for the first week in college we have half-day – lectures only till 1! Well, after that I had some time, so I went to Symbiosis, where a few of my school friends are studying! Well, entering a college you are not in is a bit tricky, but quietly entering when the security guard is checking someone else does the trick! The first day was rather uneventful.

The next day, it was Pateti (Parsi New Year) and since most colleges had a holiday, I assumed mine had too. Well, I got to know we didn’t at 1:30 after it was over! So well, technically, I bunked the second day of college!

Today, I had regular college, but we also had the Principal’s address. The program took most of the 2 hours of college and we left without any lectures!

After that again as I had some time, I went to my friends in Symbi, where all of my friends from school, who are currently in Fergusson, Garware, SP et al had gathered. I also attended a lecture on ‘Book Keeping & Accounts’! At the end of that lecture, the teacher asked us “Well, this is a personal question, but why did you choose the commerce faculty?” I was really tempted to answer the question, but before I had a decent answer the lecture was over. Well, you don’t get too many chances to attend a lecture in a college you don’t even belong to 😛

After that we all went to Mocha, where we had amazing Chocolate avalanche (Amazing dish – do try it if you can), and blueberry cheesecake.

In retrospect, my decision of MMCS seems to be good, as all the good colleges are in the vicinity (where I can hang out whenever I want :P) and I have the advantage of a small college, good friends, and a very low compulsory attendance percentage so that I can study independently!



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