My Experience at the Pune RTO!

Well, I turned 16 about 4 months back, but I felt the need of license only a few days back. I had a holiday for two days so I decided to get my learning license today!

The appearance of the RTO is very unconventional, yet in the sense of a govt. buildings very conventional 😛 . Since I had ‘contracted’ a driving school to help me get my license, the possibility of of too much inconvenience was avoided. Well, ‘contracted’ a driving school could mean many things including but not limited to greasing the palms of every officer involved in the process, simplifying your process by a great deal. One instance was where I had to submit my application and pay a fee of Rs. 30 40/- Well, officially I got the receipt for Rs 30, but the lady shamelessly asked me to pay her another 10 bucks. Well, no point in cribbing over 10 bucks, but those 10 bucks surely meant lesser inconvenience.

After that I continued to my biometric scan (surprising!) which took about 1/2 an hour(the wait of course!). After that there was going to be an exam(lol) about traffic rules and signs. The problem was – too many people to give the exam but only one hall (seating about 50 peope) to give it in.

One thing I did not understand was that they called out the names of the 50 people that were next in line. Instead just any old tv screen would have done too!

Well the wait here was ridiculous – abt 2 hrs!! Thankfully I had recruited driving school and the dude from the school got me in much faster than others who hadn’t. Actually there was one fellow who realized that and made some noise. He was calmly told that they had announced his name but he hadn’t come! He was given another ‘chance’ in the next batch!

The test was also eventful. After I gave the test I sAw that about 15 people from the batch of 50 had passed the test. The problem I realized was the system of examination. The question was displayed on a projector and we had to give the correct option through four different coloured buttons which were as responsive as a corby touch screen(no offence corby owners). Even though people knew the answer thay didn’t know whether the system had accepted it or not!
Well finally I had my learners license!


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