Sudden insipration of open source

I’ve been following Open Source Software (OSS) for a long time now since I first installed Ubuntu on my PC about 2 years back. However, I’ve never really been mesmerized by open source software as much, and sooner or later I would switch to commercial *Jack Sparrowed* software.  Today however, I’ve finally been mesmerized by this beautiful OS – Ubuntu 10.04 – The Lucid Lynx . Mind me, this OS is beautiful, the color schemes first time seem, that they have been though upon a lot, and not just randomly picked out. Moreover, certain new elements beat the crap out of Windows AND Mac. Namely – The MeMenu. It integrates all your social networks into one. That is, through the OS, on your desktop, you can access Facebook chat, G Talk, Twitter, Yahoo Chat (and several others) . Why this attracted me? Mainly, I was fed up with the crappy in browser facebook chat. Moreover, the inclusion of bubble chat in this software makes it surprisingly pleasant to use. Also, the gwibbler Social client is also amazing! The OS looks sleek and refined and it does everything I usually need to do – blogging, facebook, surfing, coding (I do C coding which is a breeze on linux, as compared to 64 bit windows 7), tweeting, and above all watch movies. So what I advise you – DON’T dump windows or mac, but atleast make this your second OS.

Google and you’ll find guides to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu.


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